Waldorf Training

All faculty hold a minimum of a Bachelor's degree; many also have a Masters or Doctorate. Most teachers complete an internationally recognized Waldorf teacher training program, focusing on their chosen area: early childhood, grade school, or high school.

High school teachers must also have demonstrated expertise in their field of teaching usually represented by a higher degree or extensive field experience. Waldorf teacher training programs provide a framework and inspiration for teachers, working from a strong view of child development and offering curricular support for all stages.

Waldorf teacher training is offered at institutions worldwide and in the Northern California region at Rudolf Steiner College, a center for anthroposophical studies and transformational adult education in Fair Oaks, California.

San Francisco Waldorf Teacher Education is an independently managed program of Rudolf Steiner College.

The Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training (BACWTT) Area is based in Marin County.