The realization of responsible human freedom is the foundational tenet of Waldorf education and San Francisco Waldorf High School. We strive to help students become free, resilient, creative human beings who lead lives of purpose and direction.

Waldorf education fosters students’ intellectual, social, and emotional growth as they pass through distinct stages of development, from childhood to adulthood. In high school, students learn best from experts in their fields, faculty who encourage independent thought and the pursuit of truth. Through challenging intellectual engagement, students begin to master a wide range of subjects as they come to understand themselves and their places in the world.

Our dedicated faculty and staff support students’ sense of self-reliance, social responsibility, and moral purpose. Our diverse community is a source of invaluable human experience from which students learn and grow. Our school encourages young people to develop the highest human capacities and become citizens of the world.


With love and devotion,
we strive to nourish the unique capacities of every student,

that in each may awaken
the critical and creative intelligence to envision the future,

the compassion and commitment to understand others,

and the courage to be a free and active participant in our common human experience