Opportunities for Students

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**"These are posted to help you find resources. Please note: it is the responsibility of each student/family to thoroughly research programs before attending."

College Open Houses and Visiting Opportunities for Juniors

  • College Fairs online - Virtual college fairs. If you can't visit a campus, or meet with an admissions rep in person, this could be a good option for you. Students and parents must pre-register for each fair. 

  • Johns Hopkins University admissions counselors will be at the DoubleTree Hotel in San Francisco on Sunday, July 29 from 2:00-4:00. If you're interested in applying to Johns Hopkins this is an excellent opportunity to speak with the college reps who will be reading your application. Click here to register for this event. 

  • Bates College in Maine is hosting a Diversity Fly-In Program. Fly-in programs are all-expenses-paid trips to visit a college campus. Their program runs from October 13-15. The application deadline in Sunday, September 1. Click here for more information and to apply. 

Conferences and Summits

  • Please check back regularly for an updated list of these programs. 

Internship Opportunities

  • City of San Francisco's Project Pull Summer Internship Program for High School Students - Through mentoring and work experience, local youth learn skills and values in leadership, teamwork, integrity, creativity, community service and self-empowerment.

  • Garden for the Environment - We provide practical skills for all San Franciscans to personally contribute to sustainability through urban gardens, farms, and food.

Summer Opportunities

  • ACLU Summer Advocacy Program, July 20-26, Washington, DC. Click here to learn more. Application deadline: June 26. 

  • Hands On Tomorrow is a two-week summer leadership and volunteering program for Bay Area high school students. Participants develop critical leadership skills with fun, hands-on activities while exploring and addressing specific challenges facing their communities. The San Francisco program runs M-F the weeks of July 22 and July 29; Friends & Family Project - Sat. August 3. Click here to apply. 

  • Camp Cardiac is a 1-week (Monday to Friday) summer day camp running daily from 8:30am to 4:00pm June 24-38. The camp is open to high school students (including Spring/Summer 2019 graduates) 15-18 years of age as of first day of assigned session and currently residing in the US. Click here for more details, and to register. 

  • Gettysburg College Summer Programs in writing, 3D modeling and printing, Coding/Robotics, Piano, Civil War Institute. Some programs are still accepting applications (as of June 18). 

  • Art History Abroad - A summer program with two scholarships. Two winners will be given the opportunity to join the Late Summer Course in Florence for 5 nights (28 August – 2 September 2019), where they will enjoy three spectacular evenings at the New Generation Festival. Days will be filled with activities including Art History tutorials, local cooking classes, life drawing and creative writing. Evenings will take participants to the Corsini Palace gardens for opera, theatre and world class musical performances.

  • Wilderness and service expeditions through Deer Hill Expeditions. "While all programs wrap wilderness adventure and service projects around a focus on challenging the individual to discover her or himself, each program follows a unique theme and a different adventure." Click here to learn more. 

  • Attend a summer art program in Ireland at Cow House Studios.  

  • World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms AKA WWOOFing

  • Putney Student Travel Programs - Community Service, Pre-College, Language Programs, Cultural Exploration.

Pre-College Programs

  • Please check back regularly for an updated list of these programs. 

Gap Year Programs & Information

A note about these programs: Students are not required to attend expensive gap year programs if they are admitted to a university and awarded a gap year. There are many options for students who want to take a year off between high school and college. Many students work, do internships, or participate in work trade programs, such as WOOFing. However, if you and your family decide that you would like to participate in an official travel/gap year program this is a good place to begin researching the many programs that are out there.

  • Gap Year Planning Guide

  • Gap Year Program Search

  • Through Verto Education you can take a gap year while earning college credit so that you can still graduate in four years. 

  • Gap Year Fairs - These fairs provide students with a broad exposure to gap year programs and the opportunity for face-to-face conversations with professionals in the field. 

  • Travel Access Project - TAP - Gap year student travel programs. 

  • GapYearly - A resource that offers extensive firsthand reviews of gap year experiences and free support for potential gapper parents as well as students who are considering time off from school. 

  • Teen Life - Summer Programs, Gap Year Programs, Community Service, and more. 

  • GoOverseas - A guide to 14,000+ student travel programs.

  • Love to ski or snowboard? Want to learn to be a ski or snowboard instructor? EA Ski and Snowboard Training provides opportunities in many countries! Click here for more information.