Physical Education

A Healthy, Lifelong Relationship to Movement

The school's comprehensive approach gives students opportunities to explore individual movement, learn skills in sports, be part of a team, and take on challenges in the outdoors. The program includes three distinct areas:

    • Sports: volleyball, basketball, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, fencing, tennis
    • Movement studies: dance and yoga
    • Outdoor education electives: backpacking, birding, wilderness survival skills

Ninth and tenth graders participate in physical education blocks by class. The classes emphasize skill development and agility in a cooperative atmosphere.

Eleventh and twelfth graders choose among physical education electives: skill-based sports classes or outdoor education. Through the years, students develop an appreciation for movement and an affinity for a particular activity that can be independently sustained.

The school also has a thriving Athletics Program with varsity teams in volleyball, basketball, baseball, cross country, soccer, and sailing.

Outdoor Education Electives

Junior and senior electives offer students challenging and meaningful experiences in the natural world.

  • Backpacking I & II: Plan for an execute a 3-day wilderness backpacking trip.
  • Birding: Connect with local wildlife in a fun and experiential way.
  • Wilderness Survival Skills: Learn skills such as shelter building, fire making, rescue, and orienteering.
  • Rock Climbing: Practice basic climbing techniques in partnership with a local rock climbing gym.