Exchange Program

Open new doors to language and learning

Many students gain language fluency and cultural understanding through our unique Exchange Program, living with host families while attending Waldorf high schools in places like Argentina, Spain, and Taiwan. Our exchange students travel, make friends, and return home with new insights about themselves and the world.

While abroad, students attend classes, school functions, and family activities with their brother/sister host, and in turn become a host back in the Bay Area. The families participating in the exchange determine the order of travel based on personal preference and school schedules. The program is designed for direct exchanges within the international Waldorf school system and the families who make the commitment to host students from abroad.


Due to the demands of the Waldorf curriculum, the program is designed for a period of one to three months. There are no additional tuition, fees, or living expenses (beyond pocket money).

Waldorf Worldwide

San Francisco Waldorf High School is one of more than a thousand Waldorf schools in sixty countries worldwide. Each school is independently run yet shares a commitment to cultural understanding and global connectivity. On the high school campus, visiting exchange students and International Program students are an integral part of the student body, and we often welcome visiting faculty and students from abroad.


Contact: Zoe Gressel