Health & Counseling

The High School Mentor support students’ emotional well-being and overall progress in school. She helps students make healthy choices and identify behaviors that may hinder success. The Mentor offers individual and small group counseling and facilitates support among parents, faculty, and others as needed. She also contributes to the high school orientation and teaches the health curriculum.

Health Curriculum

9th Grade

Topics include sex education, drugs and alcohol, social media, relationships, mental health, and stress management. The class discusses emotional intelligence, moral integrity, and how to choose a healthy lifestyle. The format is conversational and the atmosphere open and respectful.

10th Grade

The block covers nutritional information and the students discuss diet and healthy lifestyle choices. Topics also include social media, consent, and drug/alcohol use.

11th Grade

The block has focused on a combination of emotional intelligence, communication skills, personal values, identity, mindfulness, healthy relationships and sexual health. Like all health classes, the curriculum is evolving and often dictated by the expressed and observed needs of the group. This is traditionally a shorter block than in 9th and 10th grades.

12th Grade: Peer Counseling

Seniors have the opportunity to become Peer Counselors with approval of the High School Mentor. Peer Counselors help ninth graders make a healthy transition to high school. The Peer Counselor groups meets at least monthly to develop listening skills and discuss issues that arise.