Welcome to San Francisco Waldorf High School!

Here you’ll find a dynamic learning environment where all students are encouraged to find and pursue their passions.

Our challenging curriculum integrates ethical values with creative exploration and experiential learning in order to prepare students for college and put them on a path to self-discovery.

We believe education is an act of transformation. Combine intellectually curious students with outstanding teachers in a program that is both academically challenging and personally supportive and the results are extraordinary.

Students who come here are energized by learning. Through engaging classes, rich performing arts, community service, clubs, sports, and more, they find themselves and discover the world beyond high school. Ultimately, this balanced approach allows our students to find joy in learning and inspiration to effect positive change in the world. They learn how to make a difference.

I personally invite you to explore our website, look through our admission process, and register for one of our Open Houses.

Renita LiVolsi
High School Admission Director
(415) 213-6131

Admission Office

Serving Grades 9-12

Renita LiVolsi
Admission Director

Anamaria Isaacs
Admission Associate