Eurythmy Program

A Unique Movement Art

With the twentieth century came a revolution in the fine arts. Artists, whose work now defines modernism, experimented with new forms of architecture, painting, sculpture, music, and dance—seeking a deeper understanding of their media and a more vital connection to the human being.

Eurythmy was created during this period when Rudolf Steiner, the philosopher, intellectual, and founder of Waldorf education, was asked if new meaning could be given to the art of dance. Steiner explored the world of speech and music, seeking archetypal forms and movements within the sounds themselves. From this exploration came Eurythmy, a unique movement art that is used in education and enjoyed in performance around the world.

Eurythmy is taught as a block within the high school art program. In ninth grade, students are introduced to various choreographic forms and group formations. Precision and teamwork are emphasized. In tenth grade eurythmy, students perfect the performance of a poem and a music piece. Expression and gestures are explored, and group and individual work is practiced. In eleventh and twelfth grades, eurythmy is an elective class; practice deepens in particular elements and formations. Students are encouraged to contribute creativity to the themes such as tone and speech.

SF Youth Eurythmy Troupe Performs Worldwide!

Students in tenth through twelfth grades are welcome to join the San Francisco Youth Eurythmy Troupe. This acclaimed performing arts troupe produces an annual showcase for San Francisco audiences then takes the show on the road to international venues. Recent trips include Thailand, Belgium, Taiwan, Japan, and Egypt. The troupe is hosted by Waldorf school communities abroad.