Music Program

All Students—All Four Years

San Francisco Waldorf High School students experience the joy of musical expression and learn about the training, dedication, and discipline inherent in the study of music as an art. The comprehensive program provides classes for all levels, from beginners to students with years of musical training, and a variety of performing ensembles.

The school attracts professional musicians who are dedicated instructors. Classes provide intense and individual focus in a particular area of music. Performing ensembles include Orchestra, Concert Choir, Jazz Ensemble, Drumming, Guitar Ensemble, and Eurythmy Performance Troupe. There many opportunities for performance, including the annual Winter Concert.

Concert Choir

Concert Choir is open to students of all musical background. Repertoire includes a cappella and accompanied works written between the sixteenth through twentieth century and beyond. The use of sight-singing is extensive, as is the focus on vocal production and breath control.

World Music

Students explore musical forms from around the world, from Afro-Cuban rhumba to Romanian folksongs and Indian classical music. Ethnomusicological analysis is used to understand the technical aspects of many diverse styles of music. The spirit of creativity and the feeling of music are central to the discussions.


Students audition for entry into this ensemble, and all students are highly encouraged to study their instruments with a professional private instructor. Class time is primarily spent preparing for each semester’s major concert. Repertoire spans the Baroque, Classical, and modern era.


Drumming students experience a range of music arriving from the African Diaspora. Students gain an understanding of the historical and social significance of the music, as well as the principles of drumming required to perform such material: communication, leadership, call and response, the rhythmic pulse, and more.

Jazz Ensemble

The Jazz Ensemble gives student musicians experience with improvisation techniques. Students learn to perform in the appropriate style using a standard fake book, improvising solos, and accompaniments without previous arrangements. Basic jazz chord and scale theory are taught as part of the course. All students are welcome to join, provided they have a fundamental proficiency on their instruments.

Guitar: Beginning and Intermediate

Beginning Guitar is offered to students with no previous guitar experience. Intermediate Guitar students must have the ability to read treble clef. Topics include music theory, sight reading, learning left and right hand technique, understanding different musical styles, playing music by ear, and mastering scales, chords, and songwriting.

San Francisco Youth Eurythmy Troupe

The troupe works toward the production of an annual public program, performed locally and internationally. Each program includes a wide variety of pieces. The students are taught advanced eurythmy elements such as expression, soul gestures, tones, and intervals as well as techniques of stage preparation and performance.

Our primary goal is not to turn out musicians but to influence a student’s approach to life and their ability to make sound judgments through the artistic effects of music.