Theater Arts

A Thriving Theater Program

All students take theater arts classes and students are encouraged to join the Drama Club.

Ninth and tenth graders participate in theater arts blocks, part of the art curriculum. Theater games and improvisation are used to teach underlying acting principles and to build a sense of community and trust. Eleventh and twelfth graders may choose to enroll in acting electives that culminates in a performance. The electives give students who love theater the opportunity to continue to grow as actors and to go more deeply into the work.

The ninth grade theater arts block focuses on Commedia dell’ Arte, a style introduced to students during their study of Comedy and Tragedy in humanities. Through the use of masks, students are challenged to embody the physical and vocal characteristics of their character while retaining a sense of safety and anonymity.

The tenth grade theater arts block introduces students to scene work and monologues. Students learn the basics of how to build a character, practice stage movement and speech, and offer constructive criticism to their fellow classmates. The teacher selects material that supports the development of each individual student.