High School Parent Council

Welcome! All parents and guardians of enrolled students automatically become members of our Parent Council.


The purpose and mission of the Parent Council (PC) is:

  • to build a parent-to-parent support network
  • to support parent education
  • to encourage and facilitate communication between parents and faculty/administration of the school
  • to provide support for students’ activities, clubs and services

Parent Networking

The Parent Council meets three times per year at the high school.  Sprinkled throughout the year are social functions such as the Welcome BBQ and World Cafe where parents can meet and mingle.  An admissions outreach program, designed to help to make transitions to our high school a positive experience, assigns mentor families to welcome new families.

Parent Education Program

Each year a number of programs are held to educate parents around current adolescent parenting topics.  Through special events and our participation in the Parent Coalition of Bay Area High Schools (www.parentscoalition.net), we are proud to help maintain a well informed parent body.

Liaison with Administration

The Parent Council Steering Committee leads the PC and has at least two parent members from each grade level.  This committee meets monthly with the Heads of Administration to keep lines of communication open and explore ways to support each other.  To honor our faculty and staff each year, the Parent Council sponsors an appreciation event.


The Parent Council distributes funds to student activities that support its purpose and mission such as the literary magazine and holiday lunch.  The Parent Council recognizes and hails the parent volunteers who are so vital in maintaining fundraising programs like Spring Night.

Social Guidelines & Agreements

This is a draft of our recommended 9th grade social agreements for parents to support student social life outside of school:

SFWHS 9th grade social guidelines