Eurythmy Troupe

Two Decades of Performance

San Francisco Youth Eurythmy Troupe is an acclaimed performing arts group that is open to students in tenth through twelfth grades.

The Troupe produces an annual showcase for San Francisco audiences then performs internationally, hosted by Waldorf school communities abroad.

The Troupe meets both as an art elective during school and as an extra-curricular activity after school. Students perform a wide variety of pieces. In speech eurythmy, a tale, humoresques, and poems are performed in different languages and styles; tone pieces include a large group orchestral piece, smaller group pieces, and solos. The students are taught advanced eurythmy elements, such as expression, soul gestures, tones, and intervals as well as techniques of stage preparation and performance.

In 2015, the Troupe toured Thailand and stayed with families from two schools, Panyothai Waldorf School and Tripat Waldorf School. Performances were given to the school community and the public. This cultural immersion is always a profound experience for participants.

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International Performances

2006: Japan, "Other Spaces"
2007: Italy, "The Lost Path"
2008: Egypt, "Awakening"
2009: India, "Endless Time"
2010: France, "Wings"
2011: China, "Image Weaving"
2012: New Zealand, "Stars Once Spoke"
2013: The Netherlands & Belgium, "The Wish of all Wishes"
2014: Taiwan, "In Sun Light and In Soul Light"
2015: Thailand, "Here and Now"
2016: Germany, "The Free Human Being"
2017: China, "Moving Beyond Fear"