Important Details

We are very excited to have you come for our Grandparents and Friends Day at San Francisco Waldorf School. Below are some important details to make your day enjoyable and care free.


High School

Monday, April 8, 9:00am - 12:30pm
470 West Portal Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94127

Parking and Arrival
The Bushnell Center for Athletics and Community is currently under construction, which means we have no parking available on site. There are a number of places where you can park for the duration of the event, marked on this map (link) in green and orange. The school is indicated with a blue circle toward the right, above "West Portal/Sloat/Saint Francis Circle." There will be an area near the front of the school if you would like to drop off a guest and then find parking.

8:45-9:00am - Arrival and Welcome in Library
9:00-10:15am - Visits to Main Lesson
10:15-11:00am - Refreshments and presentation by John Jackson (HS Faculty)
11:00-11:30am - Tour and Art Class Visits
11:35am-12:30pm - High School Assembly

Grade School

Friday, April 12, 9:00am - 1:00pm
2938 Washington Street, San Francisco, CA 94115

Parking and Arrival
We will have valet parking at the grade school beginning at 8:45am, with car drop off directly in front of Dakin Hall. Many grandparents/friends in the past have arrived with their students during at the beginning of the day, so please feel free to come into Dakin Hall at 8:30am and grab a cup of coffee or tea.

9:00-9:40am - Arrival and Refreshments in Dakin Hall (8th Grade students will host)
9:40-10:15am - Welcome, Presentation on Gardening with Karmin Guzder
10:15-11:15am - Visits the classrooms to see your students
11:20am-12:30pm - Grade School Assembly - Presentations by grade school students

Nursery Visitors
Visitors for nursery students will be escorted to our nursery campus (3 blocks away) around 10:20am. You will then be encouraged to return to the grade school for the assembly at 11:20am.