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The Living Odyssey Project Information

Photo credit: James Charles Lyons

The Living Odyssey is SFWS alumni James Freebury's ongoing project begun in 2015 to bring to life Homer’s Odyssey.

Comprised of 5 complete books: Book 1, Book 3, Book 5, Book 8 and Book 13, Ithaca at Last, (#7 in The Living Odyssey series) is the largest performance to-date and is, effectively, a frame-narrative for the first half of Homer's Odyssey, that takes us from the beginning of the story and Telemachus's search for news of his father up to Odysseus's secret return to Ithaca disguised as a beggar. Odysseus's famous series of stories he tells about himself are left for a future performance. This show will feature an array of guest performers including: Josh Windmiller, Annie Cilley, Los Bandoleros, Late for the Train, The Helen Porter Band, Simon Woodard, Kalei Yamanoha and more.

Please join us for a 2 year anniversary performance of the Odyssey on February 24th and 25th. Event details below.


Living Odyssey 7 will take place over 2 days on the evenings of February 24th and 25th at Dakin Hall at the San Francisco Waldorf Grade School (in a reprise of performance 1).

Show Structure
The show is divided into 5 district books with a break between each. This will allow the audience to arrive on a rolling, structured, basis prior to each book.

Night 1 -Saturday February 24th 6-9pm

Telemachus challenges the suitors, sets sail and visits Nestor at Pylos. Odysseus leaves Calypso's island, suffers shipwreck and storm but makes to Phaeacia. Some refreshments will be provided after the conclusion of book 3.

1. Book 1
"Athena Inspires the Prince": Shortly after 6pm

2.Book 3
"Nestor Remembers": After 6:45

3. Book 5
"Nymph and Shipwreck": Night 1 finale- 8pm

Night 2 - Sunday 4-7pm
Odysseus is hosted by the Phaeacians. There is an athletic contest and stories. Odysseus finally reaches Ithaca.

1. Book 8
"A Day For Songs and Contests": After 4pm

2. Intermission: Discussion/ Showcase
Musical showcase by Annie Cilley, others. Discussion, break. After 5 pm.

3. Book 13
"Ithaca at Last": approximately 6pm

The performances are structured so that one can enjoy attending whatever portion one is able to without confusion: one night and not the other or, within a given night, some books and not others. Please check back for details as they become available. For more information visit the Project Information page.


Josh Windmiller
Annie Cilley
Travis Hendrix
Late for the Train
Los Bandoleros
The Helen Porter Band
Nat Berman
Simon Woodard
Kalei Yamanoha
Full musicians page with links coming soon!


This is a FREE event though donations will be accepted at the door. Please RSVP here or email Jess at with # of guests and days you plan to attend.

Due to some risque content, it is advised that children in grades 5 and below do not attend.

About James Freebury

A peripatetic San Francisco native, Jamie has worked in local theater and on small scale film productions since 2010. Most notably he wrote and produced the short film Are You Still Still There?, which won the San Francisco 24 Hour Film Racing Contest in 2011. Jamie holds an MA in the Humanities from the University of Chicago. He loves Medieval Poetry, Critical Theory and the the semi­ illegal act of putting them together.