2018 Wish List

Below is our 2018 wish list to support our after care, athletics and outdoor programs. If you want to give something for the school at the event, please make the purchase and then give the item to Jess Byron or Mitch Mitchell. If you want to bring it later, you can always send it to the front desk of either the high school or grade school and it will find the right home. Finally, if you cannot make the fundraiser on December 8, please use this online gift form and we'll purchase on your behalf. (All gifts in any way are tax-deductible!)

After Care

Four Square Ball ($9ea)


Rawlings batting helmet(s) #33.50 in navy ($27)
Soccer goalie gloves: Adidas ($32)
Soccer goalie gloves: Adidas with fingersave ($75)
Volleyball; Spalding TF-VB5 ($65ea)
Volleyball; Spalding TF-VB3 ($30)
Baseball Belt ($7ea)
Baseball bat weight ($20)
Batting tee ($26)
Rock Tape ($19 per roll)


Economy Agility Ladder ($35 ea)
Champion Flag Football Belt ($2/pack)

Outdoor Education

Rain Jackets ($60)
Rain Pants ($30)

Gift Cards

Gift cards of all levels will help our athletics and outdoor education programs.