Alumni Giving

It's time to join the 2017-2018 Alumni Giving Race!

Alumni participation - no matter the size - is a statement of support of the school. The reasons alumni give back vary. Do the lessons you learned while at SFWS guide you in your every day life? Do you feel compelled to give current students the opportunities you had? Whatever the reason, your gift matters to our community.

Use the form below to make a one-time gift, recurring gift, or pledge to make a gift.

Winners will be determined by two separate criteria:
1) Class participation percentage.
2) Class spirit. Make it fun—give an amount that is a multiple of the year you graduated, e.g. Class of 2011 gets 1 point for a $20.11 donation, 3 points for a $60.33 donation, or 10 points for a $201.10 donation.

Alumni Annual Giving Race