Alumni Giving Race

Show your class spirit while supporting SFWS programs!

Which alumni class can show the most love for our beloved programs?

To find out, we are launching the Alumni Giving Race 2016-17.

For each gift that you give, your class gets credit towards the Race. The class with the most participation by the end of May will win individual prizes at the Alumni Reunion on July 22, 2017. Choose from any of these five alumni funds.

Click here to join the race!

Alumni Giving has been broken down into 5 funds: General Support, Athletics Program, Theater Program, Faculty Appreciation, Student Council, and Eurythmy Troupe. These funds were formed at the reunion in December and allow alumni to donate to a more specific part of the school.

This race will consist of two separate parts.

  1. Based on participation percentage. The class with the highest participation will receive prizes at the July 22, 2017 Reunion.
  2. Based on class spirit. This will be calculated through points where points are earned by the number of times the class year amount is donated. For example, for myself, class of 2011, my class would get 1 point for every $20.11 that I donated. If I donated $60.33 my class would get 3 points but if I donated $60 my class would get 0 points.

Please get your class started by giving here: Alumni Giving

The race ends on May 31st, 2017.

2014-15 Race

Thank you to the following alumni supporters for participating in our 2014-2015 Alumni Annual Giving Race.

We would like to offer particular congratulations to the Class of 2011 and the founding Grade School Class of 1988 for both reaching nearly 15% participation! The alumni who gave from each of these classes received prizes at our summer reunion.

GS Class of 1988 - 14.29%
GS Class of 1994 - 5.26%
GS Class of 1996 - 6.25%
Class of 2001 - 8.33%
Class of 2002 - 5.56%
Class of 2003 - 2.33%
Class of 2005 - 2.94%
Class of 2006 - 2.27%
Class of 2009 - 6.38%
Class of 2010 - 2.38%
Class of 2011 - 16.33%
Class of 2012 - 4.55%
Class of 2014 - 2.44%