Clothing and Toy Swaps

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Clothing, Toy, and Treasure Swap

Thursday, November 15
December 6 [rescheduled]

Dakin Hall foyer

About the Swaps

Your purging could hold another child (or adult's!) new favorite treasure! It's time to go through those toys your children have outgrown or never play with and those gifts you might have received that "just weren't you" (along with any purses, hats, scarves, jewelry and other accessories) and clothes, books, housewares, etc and swap them out for new ones just in time for the holidays

  • Step 1: Sort the "outgrown" items. Scour your home for clothes (adult & child), books, household items, sports equipment and more.
  • Step 2: Bring everything in good shape (no stains, not broken, etc.)
  • Step 3: Everything is free; take what you need.
There is a box for item donations outside of the office. You can drop off items in advance or bring them the day of the Swap.

Planning ahead? there will be another swap in the spring. If you have items to drop off in between the swaps, please drop off on the bin outside of the office or reach out to and

Wondering what to do with clothes, shoes and other textiles too worn (holes, stains, etc) to be donated?

They can be transformed into new goods, rags, insulation, etc.
Visit or call (415) 330-1300 to have a box of these items picked up from your home. It's that easy! Help save reusable textiles from the landfill.

Please look through the Lost and Found ASAP as unlabeled items will be turned over to the Clothing Swap!!