8 Beaver Street, 8 Beaver Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
Phone: (415) 552-8164
Cathy Liu (Parent)

Abstract organic acrylic paintings and painted objects.

My abstract organic paintings are a playful meditation on life––how we're interconnected with everyone and everything, yet uniquely shaped and part of a vibrant dynamic whole. Originally, organic shapes flowed naturally from the wood grain of my first plywood paintings. My canvas paintings similarly elaborated upon the idea that only part of the picture is visible as the images extend out over the edges. My most recent paintings appear simpler, but are deeper contemplations on how we are all connected even as we may feel separate and divided. For example, "WhatDividesUs" is a very thin line that is actually easy to cross or go around.

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Amorfia Productions

71 Hartford
San Francisco, CA 94114
Phone: (415) 431-0768
Mobile: (415) 335-3379
Georges Lammam (Alumni Parent)

Georges Lammam's artistry is well known in the Bay Area and nationally. As an Arab violinist (Palestinian) representing the panoramic breadth of Arab music, he also plays with other ensembles that fuse Arab styling with Spanish, Pakistani, and contemporary original music.

Georges Lammam has an extraordinary discography at iTunes and CD Baby (Georges Lammam) and is available for private events large and small. Ensembles can be duet (guitar/violin) and larger ensembles to support requested type of music.

Community Discount: 10% discount to any SFWS community event.

Jason Jagel
Jason Jagel (Parent)

Fine artist Jason Jagel creates colorful narratives that manifest as large-scale public art, gallery or museum exhibitions, publications, illustrations and more.

Jason Jägel's painting, drawing, sculpture and installations have been exhibited nationally and internationally since 1995 and appear in the collections of The Museum of Modern Art, The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The UCLA Hammer Museum, the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, and others. Awards include fellowships from The San Francisco Arts Commission (2010) and the Pollack-Krasner Foundation (2012). In 2015, the Jewish Contemporary Museum, San Francisco commissioned a mural-sized oil painting for the exhibition 'You Know You're No Good.' Since 2014, Jägel has completed eight public works in San Francisco, all in the context of transforming neighborhoods, large civic projects, and business innovation. Partnering organizations include neighborhood associations, the San Francisco Arts Commission, the youth organization 826 Valencia, and the Office of the Mayor. Jason is currently working on a tile mosaic project to be installed at San Francisco International Airport, Terminal 1. A July 2018 article in the San Francisco Weekly says: "Jason Jägel is his own person, and Mr. Foggy' Neighborhood [his mural in the often-foggy Richmond District] has the artistic and stylistic touches that have made Jagel an in-demand muralist around San Francisco. A pastiche of connected characters and scenes anchor the mural, but they form an elliptical story that prompts passers-by to guess at the connections."

Keith Hollander Fine Art

79 Central Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94117
Phone: (415) 225-1515
Keith Hollander (Parent)

Fine arts painter. Specializing in murals and surreal painting.