Biography Counselor

87 Noe Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
Phone: (415) 864-0152
Mobile: (510) 387-0054
Karen Nani Apana Ph.D. (Alumni Parent, Former HS Faculty)

I use the template of the seven year cycle to look at how an individual's life is evolving. What questions are you living with at this time? What gift is your seven cycle giving birth to? I also help look at biographies of institutions and schools with groups.

Community Healing Centers

2919 Sacramento St.
San Francisco, CA 94115
Phone: (415) 499-1115
Amelia Pryor (Alumni Parent)

Psychotherapy, counseling, workshops, and meditation groups.

Maria Liza Ahearne LMFT

1801 Bush Street, Suite 131-G
San Francisco, CA 94109
Phone: (415) 568-1639
Mobile: (415) 881-0775
Maria Liza Ahearne (Alumni Parent)

Lacanian Psychoanalyst and Applied Psychotherapy

Matthew Gould Psychotherapy

1865 Union Street
San Francisco, CA 94123
Phone: (415) 262-0214
Matthew Gould (Parent)

Individual and Couples Psychotherapy

I have been providing psychotherapy to individuals and couples in SF for the past 19 years at my practice on Union Street. I also teach and supervise psychotherapists in training.


676 Chenery Street
San Francisco, CA 94131
Phone: (415) 255-2586
Yasmin Decuire (Alumni Parent)

Integrative Psychotherapist Private Practice