Cool, Jeanette (Alumni Parent)

The Sam Mazza Foundation
PO Box 14700
San Francisco, CA 94114
Phone: (650) 355-0272
Cell: (415) 939-1469


The Sam Mazza Foundation, a grant-making institution, supports initiatives that strengthen communities through enriching culture, improving education, and human services. Founded in the belief that meaningful change requires a socially-responsible vision and innovative thinking, the Sam Mazza Foundation empowers charitable organizations to pursue a wide variety of projects that have a direct and measurable impact on the communities they serve.

Holcombe, Kate (Parent)

Healing Yoga Foundation
3620 Buchanan Street
San Francisco, CA 94123
Phone: (415) 931-9642

Providing Personalized Yoga for Healing and Wellness to all Communities

Healing Yoga Foundation (HYF) is a nonprofit service, support, education, and research institution dedicated to health, healing, and personal development through Yoga. HYF has four main program areas of service: 1) Personalized one-on-one yoga programs designed to meet each person's unique need; 2) Small group classes in asana, meditation, vedic chanting and philosophical study; 3) Advanced study, Continuing education and Teacher Training; 4) Outreach programs to the underserved in our community

Community Discount: We offer significant discounts to Waldorf families.

Macdonald, Kyle (Parent)

The Outdoors Empowered Network
P.O. Box 347171
San Francisco , CA 94134
Phone: (415) 516-9919
Cell: (415) 516-9919

A national network of independent programs that make wilderness accessible to youth through gear and support.

We envision a world where youth organizations and schools, serving millions of children will utilize a network of local organizations which provide the resources and support they need to safely connect youth to nature. We seed and support these local programs, sharing resources and best practices, so that every community has access to outdoor equipment and the knowledge they need to connect young people to the living planet that we all share.

Silverman, Eric (Alumni Parent)

55 San Andreas Way
San Francisco, CA 94127
Phone: (415) 759-6088
Cell: (415) 317-4299

Creative Writer and Advocate focusing on forward-thinking organizations.

Writer. Poet. Salesman. Strategist, negotiator (dad).

Trefny, Ben (Alumni Parent)

KALW Public Radio
500 Mansell Street
San Francisco, CA 94122
Phone: (415) 841-4121
Cell: (415) 290-2421

Ben Trefny, Executive News Editor

Crosscurrents is the San Francisco Bay Area's award-winning public radio nightly news program. Available for professional sound recordings, oral histories, etc.

Walker, Mia (Alumni Parent)

Jewish Family and Children's Services
2150 Post Street
San Francisco, CA
Cell: (415) 637-5297

JFCS provides a range of services to support individuals, families, and communities throughout the bay area.

Jewish Family and Children's Services is one of the largest family service institutions in the U.S. JFCS serves 76,000 people annually with research-based social services designed to strengthen individual and families As the problem-solving center for residents of San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma, Santa Clara, and San Mateo counties, JFCS provides a lifeline for children, families, and older adults facing life transitions and personal crises.