Facility Details

Total Indoor Building Area: 9,170 sq.ft.

Program Areas

Main Hall
  • Area: 7,350 sq.ft. (98'x75')
  • Height: 30' to ceiling, +/- 26' to underside of beams
  • Basketball Court Size: 85' x 50'
  • Stacking Bleacher Seating Capacity: 376
  • Area: 850 sq.ft.
  • Height: 13'-6" ceiling, consistent with existing
  • Includes utility infrastructure for commercial kitchen (Add ~$50-60K for full kitchen buildout)
Facility Infrastructure
  • Single-occupancy toilets (2)
  • Janitor closet
  • Courtyard: 1,100 sq.ft.
  • Landscape areas (green space around building and within courtyard)
  • 420 sq.ft. storage on ground level, 350 sq.ft. storage loft space above toilets and janitor areas
  • Parking: 28 vehicles including 2 HC spaces, 23 secured bike parking spaces

Building Systems
  • Heating: Underfloor Hydronic, connected to boiler at existing building
  • Ventilation: Roof mounted fans and operable clerestory windows above living wall
  • Lighting: Glazing provides natural daylight for daytime use. High efficiency LED for nighttime use
  • Living Wall: 100' x 24'
  • Cistern: 5,000 gallons part of required storm water management system
  • Solar-Photovoltaic System: 105KW at new building - potential of +/- 120KW on existing building
  • Fire Sprinkler: Fully automatic throughout new building
  • Theatrical: Infrastructure wiring, basic lighting set design

  • Athletic: (6) basketball hoops, volleyball set, badminton set, (2) scoreboards, midcourt dividing screen, padding
  • Audio Visual: Public Address system with high sound quality for voice/music

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