Kim John Payne: Developing Capacities for Social Inclusion

Thursday, January 17, 7:30 PM

At San Francisco Waldorf High School

470 West Portal, San Francisco, CA 94127

On-site parking available.

Kim John Payne, acclaimed author and educational and family consultant, will speak at SFWHS (at our high school campus) on Thursday, January 17 at 7:30pm.

In this evening lecture for parents, Mr. Payne will speak about the particular ways in which the adults in children’s lives affect the children’s ideas, actions and feelings about social inclusion. He will present concrete examples such as how the type of language one uses, how one thinks about social events such as birthday parties and play dates, and how the use of social media and various communication technologies can influence our children's capacities to be friendly and tolerant towards all.

In addition, we are delighted to have Mr. Payne working with the faculty during his visit on the unique ways the Waldorf curriculum and understanding of child development can add to our repertoire of tools and inspirations for dealing with issues of social inclusion and meanness which arise in the lives of the children.  He will bring his perspective from his years of work with schools all over the world on the topic of social inclusion, a subject that the faculty has been studying in greater depth these past two years.

Kim John Payne has worked for 24 years as a counselor, adult educator, consultant/researcher and educator helping children, adolescents and families explore issues such as social difficulties with siblings and classmates, attention and behavioral issues at home and school, emotional issues such as defiance, aggression, addiction and self-esteem. 

He is the founder of The Center for Social Sustainability and the Social Inclusion Approach, a method of overcoming anti-social behavior causing exclusion and isolation which has been implemented in many communities both on the child and adult levels.  He has co-directed an extensive research project, exploring and developing a drug free approach to Attention Related Disorders.

Mr. Payne is also the founder of the Simplicity Parenting movement which is premised on simplifying aspects of home life to reduce stress on children and their parents, and allow room for connection, creativity, and relaxation. In addition to authoring Simplicity Parenting, he is also the author of The Games Children Play, and is presently working on two other titles – The Soul of Discipline and also Whole Child Sports – How to Navigate Child & Youth Sports.

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